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Digital space for couples to play and grow!

It’s no secret that relationships are a big part of life. Science has taken this even further, linking healthy romantic relationships to our overall well-being (1). Love is a wonderful lifelong journey filled with memories, laughter, and growth. However, we acknowledge that at times relationships can be hard.

At coBlossom, we aim to provide the time and space your relationship deserves. We provide flexible, fun activities you can use to continue growing strong relationship 'roots' of communication, conflict resolution, support, and intimacy. Studies have shown the positive effects that novel and exciting experiences can have on relationships (2,3), so we put the emphasis on fun!

We took years of research that has influenced therapy, and distilled this into our activities and games that you can enjoy with your partner. coBlossom is not therapy, but it will still allow you to learn more about each other and the roots of your relationship. With coBlossom, you’ll love, you’ll laugh, you’ll grow, and you’ll definitely make memories!

We hope that you'll join us on our journey!

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