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About Us

Digital space for couples to play and grow!

Couples Minigames

Play games designed to build your relationship

Relationship Tools

Boost your connection throughout the week and track your memories

Couples Community

Get inspired by date ideas from couples you know or in your area

couples app
The Founders

David Klippel (left) and Luke Fraker (right) met while pursuing their MBAs at The Wharton School. They built coBlossom because it was challenging to balance demanding schedules with quality time with their partners, and they desired more connection throughout the workday. The existing solutions were either too "therapeutic" or not engaging and after over 100 interviews, they discovered that many other couples felt the same.

They envision a world where once you find a partner and drop off the dating apps, you download a relationship wellness app like coBlossom to pick up and help continue growing your connection. 

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