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What is a Relationship Wellness App and Why is it Important?

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

The Well-Being Big 3: Fitness, Nutrition, and Relationships

We all know the importance of fitness, nutrition, and relationships to our overall well-being. To achieve results in fitness and nutrition, we have made habits of training and eating healthy consistently. Over the past decade, the fitness and nutrition spaces have grown increasingly crowded with companies that make it fun and easy to help you workout regularly or eat healthier. Relationships need the same consistent focus and attention to grow and flourish, however there are less resources available to help us achieve our relationship goals. It’s easy to let life's many distractions get in the way, and healthy couples often think that there’s nothing they can do about it, resorting to saving all of their quality time for the less busy weekends. We’ve all faced this at one time or another, in fact, our own research found that over 60% of couples say they’re too busy to make quality time for each other during the work week, and another recent study found that 59% of couples can’t find time for a date night each month. This is where an app for couples can play a role in helping.

couples app
coBlossom app's minigames for couples

So what is a relationship wellness app like coBlossom anyway?

Let’s start with what it’s not. It is not therapy or a substitute for therapy. At coBlossom, we understand the importance of having a professional third party involved in helping couples repair serious relationship challenges. However, there are plenty of couples who consider themselves to be in “healthy relationships,” and are just looking for new ways to grow together and fit more quality time for each other into their demanding weeks. So if your goal is to add more fun and enrich your already blossoming relationship, then a relationship wellness app like coBlossom is for you.

A relationship wellness app is an app for couples that uses activities based on research to help couples build habits of making quality time for each other each day. At coBlossom, we leverage fun minigames to help inspire couples to do more of what they already love doing, participating in novel activities with their partners! And the flexibility of the games allow couples to fit quality interactions with each other into any schedule. In addition to quality interactions with each other, couples can use coBlossom’s community to play games with other couples they know and support each other’s couple goals! We like to think of it like the short wellness activities of Headspace meets the supportive community of Peloton.

coBlossom will fill in the void that is left after leaving the dating app ecosystem and help innovate a new way of building relationships. So if you and your partner are looking for date idea inspiration, fun activities to fit into your busy schedules, or new ways to share memories together, then sign up here and join us in pioneering the relationship wellness space.


Looking for an exciting way to continue growing your relationship? Busy but want some quick date ideas or activities that you can do with your partner? coBlossom is a new, fun app for couples that offers flexible minigames designed for busy couples, providing positive boosts to your relationship each day. Couples will benefit from building healthy relationship habits to achieve their couple goals!

We’re coming to the app store soon, subscribe here for updates and early access. And follow us on instagram for great couples memes, games, date ideas, and more.


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