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Hot Couple Summer: Vacation Spots To Build Your Connection

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It’s getting warm outside, and it’s time for couples to enjoy some fun in the sun together. If you’ve heard about Hot Girl Summer, that’s a thing of the past! It’s now a hot couple summer for those who have done the work to nurture their bonds during the cold winter months. Time to fully enjoy the benefits of being in a relationship — having a travel buddy, walks on the beach together, and trying new things with your absolute best friend by your side. At coBlossom, we’re all about fostering a deeper connection with that special and important someone. To help you blossom into love this summer, here are our top vacation spots for couples who want to be oh-so intentional about maximizing every moment spent together.

Bali, Indonesia

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Bali has a mercurial and magical landscape. The water is the absolute clearest turquoise hue, water reminiscent of a Disney Movie. Travel to Indonesia’s favorite island if you are looking for something beyond the typical cool Spring Break trips that you took in college. You can delve into the history and culture of Indonesia while exploring the beautiful climate and enjoying the excellent weather. With an economy that is steeped in tourism, there are many luxury and premium travel options, with resorts that can cater to both you and your partners’ needs for rest and relaxation. For an adventure in the East — try Bali!

Santorini, Greece

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Santorini is the true gem of the Mediterranean. Its very impressive and stately Greek architecture makes the location a favorite for snapping enviable Instagram flicks. Santorini is all about enjoying great, savory food while also taking advantage of your proximity to the gorgeous sea. True to the region’s geography, you can explore guided wine tours, or even go scuba diving in the Volcanic Cadera. Greeks enjoy watching the sunset in Oia, walking up to the Skaros Rock church; enjoying the landscape and vibrant culture. Santorini’s villages have a very humble charm, known for their creative expression and street musical performances. Channel your inner Mama Mia and enjoy all that Greece has to offer.

Alaska — Northern Lights

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From May to July, Alaska hosts the Northern Lights, which are a beautiful way to see and experience the night sky while it is warmer up North. Alaska may seem like an odd choice for a hot couple summer, but it’s an experience that few will have the pleasure of having. Alaska is an ideal spot for that daring couple; if you both like camping and the great outdoors — Alaska is the very ultimate adventure. You can try adventurous things like earring Caribou, and travel on a day cruise while spotting wildlife. Alaska is a location that few will visit in their lifetime, which adds to its mystique. If you’re feeling like opening your horizons — Alaska is an ideal trip for you and your partner to bond!

London, England

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London is more than the home of the monarchy, it is a European zone bustling with culture, great music, and food. London is one of the most diverse cities in the world and has a great music scene influenced by the sounds of dubstep, reggae, and Afrobeats. Enjoy some fish and chips while riding a double-decker bus. Make sure to take some flicks at the royals’ Buckingham palace, eat some fish and chips, and you can hold a watch party for The Crown beforehand. On your itinerary, you can list a trip to big ben and a ride on the London Eye. If you and your partner are feeling like royalty these days — London might be a way to channel that side of your relationship!

Lagos, Nigeria

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Africa is a magical place. From the Sahara desert to the Savannah grassland, the continent is filled with opportunities for exploration and an explosion of cultural influences. In the last few years, the continent has also experienced a growth in its economy, propelling the city’s development. There are luxury resorts in Lagos and an influx of fun entertainment activities surrounding the Nollywood and bustling afrobeat experiences. You can attend a WizKid or Burna Boy concert while eating jollof rice and exploring the city’s markets. Lagos is the ideal urban escape on the African continent. If you’d love to bond in a city with a strong and vibrant culture, then Lagos is your couple’s ideal!

Sydney, Australia

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Maybe you’ve been to all of these places before — and you might be a bit bored reading this blog. But — have you traveled to the “land down under”? Sydney and Australia, are known for much more than Crocodile Dundee and the famous Sydney Opera House. Australia is an adventure waiting to be embarked on. You can stay in Sydney and enjoy the vivid city life and beaches, or you can travel around the island and embrace the diversity of animals the continent has to offer. There are kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, and crocodiles — all native to the island! Australia is the animal lovers’ dream — with wildlife beyond what you could find in your local zoo. If you’re a couple that enjoys walking your dog or playing with furry friends, try Australia! You might meet some animals that inspire you along the way.

Traveling Domestically? Try a Road Trip!

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If you’d prefer not to travel out of the country this year — that’s fine. There’s no such thing as a good old road trip! Road trips are the best way to fully bond as a couple. When you’re driving with each other, bonding to slow jams, and swapping childhood stories, you both learn about yourselves and your bond. The United States has an amazing geographic diversity — from the Rocky Mountains to the Grand Canyon and more. The United States is a beautiful sight to see. If you usually jet-set and rack up air miles each summer — why not switch it up and try driving instead? You might discover something new about your dynamic while riding on the great terrain.

These are just our picks — but the entire world is out there for you to explore. To deepen your bond, you can make a list of places you’d like to visit and try to visit at least one location per year. A vision board, interactive globe, or clips of places you’d like to visit — let that inspire you to choose locations that can bring you closer to your partner. A partner is a travel buddy for life — be open to the world teaching you more about yourself and each other.


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