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Eight Relationship Wellness Activities to Try with Your Partner in 2022

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

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1. Start your day with your partner by setting individual intentions and share with each other

Setting intentions is a powerful thing. Intentions can help you to focus your energy, and make more time for the things that truly matter. In the morning, we often jump out of bed and hurry to work or school. Slowing down and spending this time with your partner can work wonders for your relationship. When starting the day together, you experience alignment on a deeper level. You give each other the time you deserve, and start your day by putting your relationship first.

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2. End your day with a gratitude list. Share with your partner 2 or 3 things you felt grateful for from the day.

Gratitude keeps us inspired to tackle life’s challenges with joy and ease. Share your gratitude with those closest to you, including your partner. By sharing the joyful moments in your life, you allow your partner to benefit from those positive feelings. Love blossoms when good times are shared. Don’t hesitate to recall the highlights of your day with your partner. They’ll appreciate hearing your positivity, and will have some joy of their own in return. To get started with your gratitude practice, you can start with a gratitude jar or journal.

3. Road trip to a new place for both of you

Variety is the spice of life. Even if you don’t have the time to ride off into the sunset, setting time aside to travel with your partner can add a sense of adventure and excitement to your union. Be on the lookout for fun places and gatherings you can attend. Discovering new places and having new experiences together will strengthen your bond. Bonding time is valuable. Becoming closer to your partner while exploring new places and hobbies is a win-win!

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4. Have a cook off

Everyone has a favorite food. Do you know your partner’s favorite dish? Do they know yours? Now is the perfect time to discover how to cook each other’s favorites. Cooking is a great way to become closer as a unit. Whether you are the master chef or a de-facto sous chef, cooking can teach you so much about yourself as individuals and a couple. Creating a great meal together provides a mutual sense of accomplishment, and learning about each other’s favorite dishes can be a great way to share your family history or culture. Also — it’s a great opportunity for some friendly competition! Need some advice on where to start — check out this couples cookbook list.

5. Have a couple’s talent show

Do you have a special talent? Do you like to draw, salsa dance, or even sing karaoke? Sharing talents and passions can introduce you to aspects of your partner you’ve never seen before. We all have a talent that we desperately want to show the world. Hosting a couple’s talent show or sharing your skills provides couples with a great opportunity to learn from each other and to see themselves outside of their usual elements. We’re all multifaceted and diverse people -unleash your inner superstar for your couples’ talent show. Better yet — make it a friendly competition and invite your other couples friends.

6. Vision board the new year (get together with your partner and create goals you would like to achieve with your partner)

Vision boards are a great way to plan for the future with each other. You can make individual boards, or even a vision board as a couple! Taking images and placing them on a poster board or cork board can provide you with a deeper sense of focus and unity. When goals are aligned, a deeper love can blossom! Try this activity to experience more alignment through mutually sharing each other’s goals and dreams. Check out these vision board examples here.

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7. At the end of the week, reflect and share with your partner something you learned from them

Relationships are our greatest teachers. Our partners can fully open our eyes to a new way of seeing the world, and help us develop in ways unimaginable. Oftentimes, we forget to fully remind our partners of the positive impact that they’ve had on our lives. We sometimes forget to honor the many times they helped us to grow and pushed us out of our comfort zone. Each week, set aside some time to tell your partner how they’ve positively impacted your life. Share the things they have taught you, and how you were able to apply their lessons successfully.

8. Download coBlossom and give it a try

Last but not least, download coBlossom and give it a try! We are a relationship oriented app that takes off where dating apps end. We want your relationship to thrive and we capitalize upon the need for relationship wellness. However, we aren’t like your mother’s fave relationship advice apps or dating coaches. We want relationships to be a fun and mutually engaging experience. We’re very light on the work in relationships, and heavy on the fun! Our games are guaranteed to be enjoyable for each partner. Give us a try today!


Looking for an exciting way to continue growing your relationship? Busy but want some quick date ideas or activities that you can do with your partner? coBlossom is a new, fun app for couples that offers flexible minigames designed for busy couples, providing positive boosts to your relationship each day. Couples will benefit from building healthy relationship habits to achieve their couple goals!

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