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coBlossom's Story

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

coBlossom is an app that empowers healthy couples to continue growing their relationship while having fun doing so. We offer original activities and games that couples can enjoy at their own pace while building the core skills for a healthy relationship. The activities and games used are derived from couple’s therapy and scientific studies. However, coBlossom is not therapy, but it will still allow you to learn more about each other and water the roots of your relationship.

How We Started

Our co-founders, David and Luke, are both in long-term relationships, and through the years they’ve used a variety of resources to help grow their relationships. However, they felt that the exercises and teachings were often dry or felt forced, and they grew frustrated with the lack of resources that made relationship building exciting. They quickly realized that other couples also sought out fun, novel activities that would fit into their busy lives and allow them to continue growing their relationships. More couples today than ever are dual earners. It's inspiring to see so many people pursuing their goals, but more time at work can sometimes leave less time for other important aspects of life. David and Luke built coBlossom to make it easier for couples to create memorable experiences together on their own schedule, with flexible, fun activities.

But why tackle this problem around relationship wellness? Well, it’s no secret that relationships are a big part of life. A romantic partner is someone that we can confide in, share our ups and downs with, and who fulfills our need for social connection and intimacy. Science has taken this even further, linking healthy romantic relationships to our overall well-being (1). Yet, unlike other areas that impact our overall well-being, such as fitness and nutrition, there are few resources that are dedicated to our relationships.

What Makes coBlossom Different?

coBlossom takes a different approach that makes relationship building exciting for couples. Our flexible, fun activities are targeted to help couples grow strong relationship 'roots' of communication, conflict resolution, support, and intimacy. Studies have shown the positive effects that novel and exciting experiences can have on relationships (2,3), so we put the emphasis on fun! We took years of research that has influenced therapy, and distilled this into our activities and games that you can enjoy with your partner.

Our Mission

coBlossom wants to create a world where every couple has access to guided & curated relationship building resources. We aim to make relationship building something that you want to do. Whether you’re looking to continue building a strong relationship with your partner, grow specific areas of your relationship, or just make new and exciting memories, coBlossom is the perfect companion to help you achieve your relationship goals.

Update since original published date: We're in the app stores! Find us on iOS and Android.



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