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Top 8 Fall Activities For Couples

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Fall is right around the corner! And to help get you into the Fall spirit, we put together a list of our favorite fall activities for couples. Hopefully you and your partner will get inspired to put on your favorite flannels and try out a few of them.

Pick Your Favorite Fall Fruit And Bake It!

We encourage you to think outside the apple on this one, although apple pie is truly delicious, and select a fruit you wouldn't normally bake with (figs, pumpkins, and pears are all great options). Find a local farm or orchard that has some of these fruits and plan an afternoon where you can go pick some up for your baked treat. The last step is to find a recipe that looks appetizing and transform your harvested fruits into a delicious dessert.

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Pumpkin Carving!

Carve Some Pumpkins

We'd be remiss if we didn't recommend this timeless fall activity. You can pick up pumpkins from the same local farm that you get your fruit from in the previous activity or visit a local store that sells pumpkins. Then get to researching fun designs to carve into your pumpkins. You can add a fun, friendly competitive spin by having a contest to see who can carve the best pumpkin design!

Hike In The Fall Weather

Get your steps in while you enjoy the crisp fall air. Find the nearest trail, hill, or mountain and plan an early morning hike to catch the sunrise. It will likely be chilly so this is the perfect opportunity to break out the flannel and show off your greatest couples outfit. You can grab a great pic for Instagram while you're at it.

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Fall wine tasting

Attend A Cider Or Wine Tasting

We're as shocked as you are to discover that there is such a thing as cider tasting. And there's nothing quite like tasting a variety of the freshest local ciders or exploring lush vineyards to get you in an Fall state of mind.

Check Out The Changing Leaves By Having A Fall Picnic

Pack your favorite snacks and warm blanket and head to the nearest tree covered park to check out the fall colors. If you liked the cider from the activity above, make sure to bring a thermos of it to the picnic as well!

Watch A Movie Next To The Fire

If being outdoors is not your thing, then you and your partner can make a fire in your house, cozy up next to it and watch your favorite scary movie. Make it a movie + a meal by making some fall inspired popcorn and drinking a couple glasses of your favorite beverages.

Visit A Haunted House

Scary movie not doing it for you? Then for the most daring couples out there, plan a trip to the nearest haunted house to get into the Fall mood. This is a great activity to turn into a double date as well!

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Catch the leaves changing from your car

Take A Roadtrip

If you're looking for another great way to appreciate the fall colors, then plan a roadtrip to a nearby town or state that you've been meaning to visit together. Take in the crisp autumn air by rolling down the windows. Bonus points for co-creating a roadtrip playlist that you can listen to together.


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