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The Ultimate Guide to Couples Date Boxes

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Can't wait for the coBlossom couples app to launch? Neither can we! In the meantime, we've been enjoying some couples date boxes to pass the time. Did you know that 59% of couples struggle to find time for a date night each month? A recent study from the University of Virginia found that couples who regularly schedule time for a date night at least once a week were 3.5 times more likely to report being "very happy." And no, watching your regularly scheduled Netflix show does not count as a date night!

app for couples
Monthly date box

At coBlossom, we understand that busy schedules can get in the way and make it difficult to create quality time with your partner, in fact, that's the challenge that we are aiming to solve by offering minigames that help couples have fun while building the healthy habit of creating quality relationship time. Until we launch (can the end of this summer come fast enough?!), we've looked into date boxes as a quick fix and have consolidated a list of our favorites. We've been having fun doing some of the more novel activities, and studies back our reactions, showing that couples who regularly participate in novel experience greater relationship satisfaction. Work towards accomplishing your couple goals by trying some (or all) of the list and add variety to your week!

The Ultimate List (in alphabetical order)

Price: $33

Get a brand new, engaging craft to do together as a couple every month with all the materials, instructions, and tools required. Past kits include a wood burning kit, clock making kit, and a wine caddy kit.

Price: $39

Get a different date shipped to you each month, ranging from new foods and recipes to custom games for 2. Box themes have included football game night, pizza night, and Hawaiian nights.

Price: $49.99

Not interested in a subscription, this box from flowjo is a one-time purchase that offers mini-challenges that couples can do to learn new things about each other. Each card you pull will deliver a new challenge or conversation starter.

Price: $39.99

A monthly subscription service that offers new dates, each one specifically designed to include games and activities that not only help you laugh together, but also build a stronger relationship. They are all built on techniques and strategies to help encourage relationship building.

Price: $41.99

Date Night In Box provides curated, custom date boxes each month. If you have kids, they also offer a box that you can do with them! We also like Date Night In Box's mission of employing individuals with disabilities to help pack boxes each month. You can get 15% off with the promo code 15OFFNIB.

Price: $42.00

Not good at deciding what box to choose? Unbox Love will deliver mystery date to your door each month and remove the decision process for you. If you're a couple that spends a lot of time deciding where to eat (been there all too often!), then this may be a good box for you.

Not looking to spend a lot of money right now? No problem, we have you covered with our free daily relationship text series, RelationTips. We will deliver date ideas, couples games, relationship tips, and more straight to your phone each day. It's a great way to stay in the loop before the launch of our new app for couples too! RelationTips also pairs nicely with a monthly box subscription as we offer plenty of tips and ideas to do in between each box! Tag us on IG @coblossom if you do any of the date ideas and we'll reward you with a repost.


Looking for an exciting way to continue growing your relationship? Busy but want some quick date ideas or activities that you can do with your partner? coBlossom is a new, fun app for couples that offers flexible minigames designed for busy couples, providing positive boosts to your relationship each day. Couples will benefit from building healthy relationship habits to achieve their couple goals!

We’re coming to the app store soon, subscribe here for updates and early access to our couples app. And follow us on instagram for great couples memes, couples games, date ideas, and more.

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