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Nerd Love: From Love Languages to Attachment Styles — The Basics of coBlossoming

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

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There’s a science to attraction. Here at coBlossom, we truly pride ourselves in helping couples develop closer and more fulfilling relationships. While we aren’t your typical relationship therapy apps (no shade), we remain fascinated by the many theories and concepts designed to keep couples close and relationships evolving.

For NerdLove, we’ve decided to share some love theories that can be helpful for describing and understanding the complex web of emotions that love can be. Feel free to share these with your partner, take a quiz on one of these concepts, or even have fun educating each other on these topics.

At coBlossom, we wholeheartedly believe in the synergistic growth and development of both individuals while in a relationship. Fun interactions and fruitful conversations are the glue behind every lasting couple. For all the sapiosexuals out there, here are some theories to get your love going.

Attachment Styles

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Attachment styles theory states that we form psychological attachments to others based on our early childhood experiences. Everyone has an attachment style, and this often impacts how we show up in relationships. Knowing your or your partner’s core attachment style can provide you with clarity on your relationship dynamics and how best to plan for success. You can learn more about attachment styles by reading Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller.

Love Languages

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The love languages are a set of ways we like to give and express love. The system was formed in 1992 by Gary Chapman. However, due to its popularity on social media and in our popular culture, the concept of love languages has remained relevant. According to Chapman, there are five love languages. These love languages include: words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts, and physical touch. These languages express how we give and receive love. For example, your preferred way of showing love might be acts of service, but you prefer to receive love through words of affirmation. Discovering each other’s love language is a great way to become closer as a couple and deepen your appreciation for one another.

Imago Theory

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Ever heard of the term opposites attract? Well this theory is all about couples leveraging their complementary traits for a strong relationship. Imago theory states that we choose our partners based on their ability to help us overcome childhood challenges. This may be why you prefer a partner who is introverted or extroverted, for example, they are stronger in areas you may have been weaker in. Discover Imago theory to help you celebrate the differences between you and your partner, and to honor the ways in which you helped each other to grow.

Triangle of Love Theory (Sternberg’s)

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For all of the mathletes out there, Sternberg’s triangle theory of love provides us with equations and a geometric representation of the many factors involved in fully developing love. It highlights how love can change over time, based on the life perspective of both partners. Each side of the triangle contains a different type of love. In the middle of the triangle is consummate love, which is a mix of intimacy, passion, and commitment. Wherever your relationship is in the love triangle, coBlossom can help you to achieve your love goals.

Color Wheel Model of Love

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Similar to the Triangle Theory of Love, the Color Wheel Model of Love provides us with an understanding of the different ways in which love can manifest itself or evolve over time. The colors used are: red, purple, blue, green, yellow, and orange. Each color represents a different type of love. For example, red represents eros, the ability to love an ideal person. Eros is a key part of each relationship, it allows people to fall in love and mutually accept each other. Orange stands for agape. Agape is a selfless love. It’s when you give your partner the last slice of pizza, or skip a night out to take care of them when they are sick. You can learn more about the Color Wheel of Love on Psychology Today.

Get your laptops out, and make some time to learn about love!


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