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Love Like a Sitcom: Favorite Sitcom Couples of All Time

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

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Nobody explains relationships, with all their highs and lows, better than sitcoms. With sitcoms, we laugh, we cry, we catch all the feels. The relationships showcased often mimic our own. It’s fun to see love on our television screens. TV teaches us how to handle tough situations, how to laugh with the pain and keep our partner smiling. Here at coBlossom, we’re all about the fun, TV sitcoms included. Here’s an ode to our favorite TV couples of all time.

Friends: Rachel and Ross

“I’ll be there for you….” Friends is a show that has provided countless laughs, cries, and has maintained a multigenerational fan base for years. Thanks to the nostalgia provided from Netflix and streaming services, we can still enjoy couples’ favorites such as this sitcom. Rachel (Jennifer Aniston); and love interest Ross (David Shwimmer), have the quintessential “friends to lovers” take. After meeting in high school and again as adults, the pair became close friends,

Boy Meets World: Cory and Topanga

Looking for a middle school sweetheart story? Cory and Topanga give us all the realness with an evolving romance that started when they were young. From childhood crushes to husband and wife, and now parents of a teen daughter (Girl Meets World), they are a perfect example of a couple that has experienced significant growth with each other. You can catch them as parents and a teacher- lawyer pair on Girl Meets World, inspiring teenagers with their love.

Martin: Martin and Gina

If there’s one couple that can have fun together, it’s Martin and Gina. Martin, played by Martin Lawrence, is the king of wit. He provides continuous comic relief for viewers. But in Gina, he’s met his match. The entire show focuses on their playful and witty dynamic. They’re a couple that can joke around and keep a smile on their faces, even in the most puzzling of circumstances. If you’re looking for some 90s romantic comedic relief, then this is your sitcom.

Sex and The City: Carrie and Big

Carrie and Big were the love story of an era. Before his untimely death in the HBO Max series “And Just Like That,” their relationship kept us on the edge of our seats. Carrie, the free spirited and fashionable journalist, finds love in the professional and suave Mr. Big. They’re a classic tale of opposites attract and an unlikely match. Even in spite of their odd pairing, they’re a testament to the fact that true love does conquer all. Carrie and Big go through ups and downs throughout the series, but eventually find their way back to each other.

Insecure: Lawrence & Issa

Issa and Lawrence are the most famous millennial tv couple. Insecure is set in Los Angeles, and centers on the relationship dynamics between Issa, a nonprofit director, and her boyfriend Lawrence. Lawrence is an aspiring entrepreneur who struggles to get on his feet. They live in South Los Angeles, with a squad of friends that are nothing short of entertaining. Their love story highlights modern-day relationship dynamics. For the millennials who want a relatable introduction to love in a big city, Insecure is a show to watch.

Modern Family: Mitchell Pritchett & Cameron Tucker

Modern Family is a whirlwind story of the importance of family with the humorous stressors it can provide. Mitch and Cam are a fun loving couple and adoptive parents to a daughter named Lily. Their story highlights family acceptance, acceptance, and life as an LGBTQIA+ couple. They are a humorous and fun loving pair spreading joy amongst the cast and crew. Their relationship represents a cultural shift in representation for couples of all backgrounds and identities.

Art imitates life, and television is no exception. Dive into these tv shows for a fun and relevant example of the many complexity and excitement love can bring.


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