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Have You Signed Up for coBlossom RelationTips?

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Want couples activities, date ideas, relationship tips, and more straight to your phone? Sign up for RelationTips today!

Couples app
Bring a smile to your face with daily couples ideas

coBlossom RelationTips is a daily relationship text series that offers couples everything from quick date ideas to relationship tips and reminders. Whether you're looking for new, creative date ideas or just want to achieve your couple goals for the year 🙌, RelationTips is a great way for couples to continue growing their connections. In a long distance relationship? No problem, we also offer relationship activities and date ideas for couples who are not in the same city.

Why sign up for a daily couples text series? Well, other than getting ridiculously fun ideas to your phone, Research suggests that one way to boost your relationship satisfaction is by engaging in novel, shared experiences with each other. Novel and engaging activities make you feel happier, which also extends to your relationship when completed with your partner. Want a sneak peak at some of the fun date ideas and relationship tips that you'd receive, here are a few:

  • We're turning Monday into Monday Mission. Your mission is simple agent. 🕵️ Sneak a selfie 📸 of you and your partner while they're taking a bite out of some food today! 🍎 Watch out if they received this RelationTip too! 😂 If you succeed, show them the selfie and explain.

  • Woah, today's tip covers relationships and photos. 🤯 Overcast days produce soft light 💡 that is flattering on the human face, so today is the perfect day (It's overcast near you today too right??) to grab that camera 📸 (or razr flip phone) and snap a few couple selfies for the scrapbook. 🙌

  • Finally time to appreciate Friday. 😎 We appreciate the weekend, but take the chance to appreciate your partner too! Think of the 3 things your partner did this week that you appreciated most. Tell them what they did and how much you appreciated it!

If those texts don't scream "couple goals!" then we don't know what will. So what are you waiting for?? Sign up today!

More About coBlossom

Looking for an exciting way to continue growing your relationship and achieve your couple goals? Busy but want some quick date ideas or activities that you can do with your partner? coBlossom is an app for couples that offers flexible minigames designed for busy couples, providing positive boosts to your relationship each day. Couples will benefit from building healthy relationship habits.

We’re coming to the app store soon, subscribe here for updates and early access. And follow us on instagram for solid couples memes 😜.


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