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Have Circumstances Changed For You And Your Partner - Make The Most Of It

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Eleanor Wyatt writes about making the most of major changes in couple's lifestyles and careers.

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Have Circumstances Changed for You and Your Partner? Make the Most of It with These Relationship Tips

Millions of Americans made major lifestyle adjustments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means there are a lot of couples who have spent more time together than they’re used to. If this is your situation, it may have made either a positive or a negative impact on your relationship. You may be struggling with a number of issues — questioning whether your relationships, career, lifestyle choices, and so forth, are still right for you, all signs of negative energy that should be dealt with.

The good news is that you get to decide. If you’re experiencing some unsettling concerns, consider these tips and resources from coBlossom to make the most of it:

Think About Your Partner

Months of outside stressors that pushed you indoors might have also pushed you and your partner closer together. Unfortunately, with so much stress and change, those stressors might also have pushed you apart. Whether you and your special someone found fresh sparks or friction, these key points can guide you towards building a healthier relationship.

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Rethinking Your Career

Most workplaces had to make major adjustments last year, and many people are finding they are out of work, not liking the changes, or simply burned out. Dissatisfaction with your 9-to-5 can be tremendously stressful, and that stress can bleed over into the rest of your life and impact your relationships. If that is happening in your life, it might be time to review your job, and think in terms of your long-term satisfaction. Look at your situation from all the angles to find the right solution. Here are some resources that can help guide a career conversation with your partner.

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Do Fun, Healthy Activities Together

Spending time solo is part of a healthy, happy lifestyle, and so is spending time with those you love. Especially with restrictions light, look at your downtime together with fresh eyes, and find fun ways to celebrate your relationship.

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Whether you’re struggling with your job or are going through a different kind of change in circumstances, the important thing is that you seize the opportunity to strengthen your relationship or address any impacts that changes in circumstances is having on your relationship. Working to be more thoughtful of your partner, ensuring satisfaction in your daily grind, prioritizing personal time, and trying fun and healthy activities together are all great ways to do just that.


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Mylene Sint Jago
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