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​Couples Style: Deepening Your Bond Through Fashion

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

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Fashion is often regarded as something individualistic. Fashion is something that we each hold dear to ourselves — everyone has a sense of style, even if they deny it. The models on the runways of New York City and Milan make fashion seem like a solo sport. Have you ever considered using fashion to deepen your bond? What if fashion wasn’t a solo endeavor — but a process of mutual exploration into creativity and collaboration. There’s no better way to make a statement as a couple than by committing to help each other become as stylish as possible. Let’s delve into ways you can use couple’s fashion to improve your own appearance and get closer with your partner as a result.

Matching T-Shirts

Matching outfits are always cute and will never go out of style. Even if it’s donning the same graphic tee, you can step out together in tandem. With a pair of jeans, a matching t-shirt is a cute way to signal your commitment to each other. Everyone loves a casual t-shirt and denim combo, why not couple-it up? This summer, aim to be that oh-so-fly couple at the cookout with the matching shirts, I guarantee you’ll love it and everyone will too. Make sure to snap some flicks while you’re at it!

Wear the same pattern or prints

Wearing the same pattern, print, or material is always fun. Each individual can express themselves as they please, while keeping a consistent pattern to both your outfits. Contrary to popular opinion, couples can coordinate their patterns on and off the red carpet. Whether your pattern or material of choice is tie dye, leather, gingham — whatever suits your fancy, you can turn it into a couple’s oriented look. If you have a favorite pattern or cut — why not buy a complementary outfit for your partner? Then you can step out with your own expressions, while still presenting a united front.This sounds like a win-win to me!

Unisex for the win: color swap!

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With the growth in unisex and gender-bending fashion, there are plenty of opportunities for couples to match — while keeping each color fresh and representative of each partners’ taste. You can both wear the same suit, for example, and change the colors, or even wear the same exact color. To take it even further, you can match your outfit all the way down to the shoes — many shoe brands are unisex, and can be enjoyed by people of all gender identities. Dressing this way is a great way to step out together looking Instagram worthy — while promoting the idea that style cannot be limited by gender expression!

Rep your favorite team together: Matching jerseys

Sports are a huge part of our culture, and have a large impact on our relationships. Many couples share a favorite team or player — some even allow sports rivalries to keep each other on their toes. If you’re going to a tailgate or a sports game, wearing matching jerseys is a cute way to enjoy the game together. If representing different sports teams is more your style, then opposite jerseys can work! Whatever keeps an exciting and sports-oriented spirit in your relationship is what’s ideal. Rooting for the same team or embracing a little rivalry can bring both of you closer together.

Be lazy together: matching pajamas

Everyone loves a lazy day. After working hard all week, you just want to sleep in and let that alarm hit snooze. The coolest thing is that even a lazy Sunday or Saturday can be used as a bonding moment for the two of you. Yes — couples’ pajamas can be worn after the holidays are over. Wearing the same pajamas is a great way to be lazy together. Rest and relaxation is key to maintaining mental health, and in turn — a healthy relationship. Truly encourage your partner to relax with you and wear pajamas all day, every once a while. This is fun and will bring some new joy into your life and relationship.

Fashion, like other forms of self-expression, can be used to deepen a bond. Take turns dressing each other, trying new outfits and aesthetics. It can be fun to watch our style evolve due to our partner’s influence. Step out together in something that makes the both of you feel close and oh-so-stylish.

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