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coBlossom Is Live!

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

relationship app coblossom

coBlossom - your favorite relationship-building app, has just launched on iOS and Android! The entire coBlossom team is excited to finally bring you the magic behind lasting and fun relationships, wherever you are. At coBlossom, we share a belief that distance of any sort- whether a busy workload or geographical barriers - should not cause your relationship to lose its spark. We’ve designed this app with busy couples in mind, and we want to be the glue behind a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

The app’s development was very intentional - from the game design to the user interface, we spent our time crafting our company with its mission and purpose in mind. From in-app date crafting to a memory tree - coBlossom is an app designed for long-lasting connections. In celebration of our launch this week, we’d like to walk you through the app’s features. We’re about to finally soft launch with the wonderful couples who’ve signed up to be a part of our beta test community.

We’re grateful for your willingness to take a chance on what we’ve built, and are thankful for your support.

Our app’s core features include date crafting, a new date-spot finder, Squibbles (a drawing game that helps you learn more about each other), emotional check-in, and the memory tree. All of these features are in the form of five (5) minute minigames. These creative and fun minigames will give you just enough to keep the momentum going throughout busy schedules and tough workloads. Here’s a deep dive into our features.

coBlossom has two features that can help you to craft that oh-so-perfect date. With the date crafting game, you can collaborate and share ideas to create new dates. Just bounce off your favorite activities with each other - and create some more! Another feature for planning dates is our date spot swiping feature - where you can actively discover new and cool activities to do as a couple. Please don’t wait until your date night to decide where you go - actively plan your dates ahead of time! You can just swipe in the app until you find something perfect - and exciting - for both of you to enjoy.

The next features: emotional check-in, memory tree, and Squibbles, are all dedicated to building the intimacy between you and your partner. Emotional check-in creates the space for midday updates to let your partner know how the day is going and/or opportunities for casual vulnerability. Being vulnerable with your partner shouldn’t involve a box of tissues and a Netflix tragedy - vulnerability must be practiced every day, and in casual bursts. For the emotional check-ins, you are given five minutes of your day to share how you feel. Take this as an opportunity to grow closer. The memory tree game allows you to capture those breathtaking moments that define your love. Share your best moments, and grow the tree by planning great dates, and taking the time to walk down memory lane every once in a while. Squibbles helps you to create those fun moments together and learn new things about each other - resting memories centered on being silly and fully embracing your artistic side (or lack thereof).

We hope this introduces you to the amazing features that encapsulate coBlossom. This app was created with love - and we want your love to thrive. On our launch happening this week, you will have the opportunity to grow your love on your own terms, prioritizing fun and happiness along the way. That’s exactly what we envisioned. We’re ecstatic that this vision is finally coming to fruition.


About coBlossom

The App for Couples. Have fun with minigames that build habits of creating quality time for your relationship. Check us out.

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Mylene Sint Jago
Mylene Sint Jago
Jun 17, 2022


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