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Benefits of Couples Gardening

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Nice weather is finally back 🙌! If you are looking for fun outdoor date ideas to do with your partner, why not explore a couple’s activity that is fun, ongoing, and doesn’t require traveling far? I’m talking about gardening of course 🌷. The benefits of gardening as a couple are as plentiful as the seeds that you will plant, including:

Benefits of Gardening Together

🕰 Quality Time: Gardening as a couple offers the time and space to catch up from the week, plan your next date or vacation, or just enjoy each other’s company as you collaborate to create a beautiful garden.

💪 Burn Some Cals: If you’re looking for an excuse to skip the gym, look no further than gardening. Gardening together increases physical activity all while getting some vitamin D in the process.

😌 Sense of Pride: Take pride in the work you do together as you get to observe flowers, vegetables, and fruit as they grow and flourish. Even the frustrating tasks of weeding can feel rewarding once you see that clear plot of soil.

🍊 Enjoy the fruits of your labor: Pun very much intended! Once you’ve got a finished product, you can double up your gardening date with a dinner date night by cooking a meal from the products you grow in your garden. Our personal favorites? Greek yogurt zucchini muffins, summer harvest oven-roasted vegetables, garden fresh pico de gallo, and cucumber salad.

Sold on Gardening as a Couple? Here’s What to do Next

Keep it simple and check out your local farmers’ market, home improvement store, or grocery store, and have some fun picking out your plants and seeds together. For beginners, try starting with tomatoes, cucumber, squash, strawberries, blueberries, or your favorite peppers. For those looking for a challenge, we suggest trying lettuce, cauliflower, eggplant, figs, or carrots.

Designate an area in your yard, balcony, or windowsill (apartment folks can garden too!) and set aside some time together to turn the dirt and plan your garden layout. Take into consideration sunlight, access to water, spacing to make sure your plants have room to grow, and potential nighttime critters (you’re not Snow White, and unfortunately deer and bunnies are not your garden’s friend).

Designate tasks while doing it together and decide who is going to weed, water, or pick the final products. Gardens take some work, but the benefits are rewarding…hmm sounds like a relationship 😊.

Enjoy creating new memories together while sprucing up (pun game is 🔥) your lawn or apartment!

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